Half time at the school competition futurego Saxony-Anhalt

Awards for prize winners from schools in Halle, Wernigerode, Quedlinburg and Laucha

More than 250 creative and original business ideas were submitted to the state-wide student competition futurego Saxony-Anhalt. In the first phase of the competition, students from all over Saxony-Anhalt were asked to write down their business ideas in an idea paper of at least two pages. They were supported by the futurego team and coaches in intensive workshops at schools throughout the state. In the current school year, a total of 798 students developed imaginative ideas in the categories "Digitalisation & Technology", "Energy Industry & Sustainability", "Health Care & Demographic Change" and "Consumption & Trade". The best competition entries in each category are awarded cash and non-cash prizes sponsored by companies and initiatives in the region.

As part of the digital practice days "Today's Pupil Tomorrow's Boss" taking place at the end of February, during which the teams will gain exciting insights into entrepreneurial processes, the prizes will be handed over by the sponsors GISA GmbH, Unite Network SE and TDG-Translationsregion für digitalisierte Gesundheitsversorgung.

Individual coaching sessions are currently being held with all participants, which will be conducted digitally again this year. Each student team receives valuable feedback on the submitted idea paper, which is then further developed into a concept paper, the next competition entry.

The following teams will be awarded:

  1. Place in the category "Digitalization & Technologies

Team "Le'joti" (BBS J.P.C. Heinrich Mette Quedlinburg)
With the digital game innovation from Le'joti, it will be possible in future for pupils to get to know a variety of cultures related to cuisine, history and language from their computers.

  1. 1st place in the category "Energy Management & Sustainability

Team "blg-brains"(Burgenland-Gymnasium Laucha)

Thanks to its solar panel, wind drive and storage unit, the mobile "Green Light" street lantern can generate light wherever it is needed without the need for the usual mains connection.

  1. 1st place in the "Health Care & Demographic Change" category

Team "vollBock" (Gymnasium Südstadt Halle)
The smart ring from "vollBock" combines elegant design with function. Important health data such as blood oxygen, sleep quality as well as an ECG and the number of steps can be measured very stylishly.

  1. Place in the category "Consumption & Trade

Team "Die Preisabstauber" (Gymnasium Stadtfeld Wernigerode)
The "Café Kostbar" stands for sustainability, regionality and quality. Here, guests can enjoy homemade baked goods, coffee and a balanced breakfast in a beautiful ambience.

About futurego Saxony-Anhalt

The state-wide student competition futurego Saxony-Anhalt promotes entrepreneurial thinking and action and creatively supports the entrepreneurial spirit and independence of students. The competition is divided into three phases. In the first phase, the pupils develop their own business idea in a team and write it down in a two-page idea paper. The second phase is about the concrete development of the idea into a business concept and finally into a prototype. In addition, a small video spot about the idea or prototype is to be filmed. In the third and final phase, the best 20 student teams have the opportunity to exhibit their ideas, including prototypes and video clips, at the official award ceremony. On the big stage, the five best teams pitch their business ideas in front of students, teachers, politicians and business representatives and compete for first place. The best business ideas will then be awarded cash and non-cash prizes donated by companies from the region. Finally, all students who have submitted a final entry will receive a certificate of participation, which is a good reference for future applications for apprenticeships and university places.
The final event of this competition round will take place on 10 May 2022 in Halle (Saale).

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