Platform for entrepreneurial competence takes shape

Especially in Corona times, things sometimes turn out differently than expected. The personal reunion with the EICAA project partners in Antwerp had to give way to a hybrid event. Via video conference from Halle (Saale), we spoke with colleagues from Hungary, Spain, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, who are guests at the Antwerp Management School, about the results of so-called "work packages". These are milestones on the way to a digital platform for recording and developing entrepreneurial competences, the main goal of the EU project EICAA (Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Competences Assessment Alliance).

The platform is primarily intended for use by lecturers and trainers/coaches. They can use it in their teaching activities to get an accurate picture of the entrepreneurial competences of students, employees or workshop participants and to train them in a targeted manner - also with the help of the EICAA platform.

During the meeting, it was discussed which functionalities the platform should offer and how the answers of the platform users can be systematised and presented. A survey will also be conducted to find out how target groups assess their entrepreneurial competences in order to create competence profiles of potential users. The survey is based on the EICAA Conceptual Framework, in which all entrepreneurial competences are comprehensively presented. A first test run has already taken place, now the instrument is to be distributed more widely. The results will be the basis for further developments of the platform.

A big thank you to all partners for their flexibility and commitment. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will finally be able to meet all partners in person at the next project meeting in Innsbruck in May!

Contact persons

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