Further companies won for Europe-wide competition

For the third meeting with our international partners in the Ulysses Student Contest project, we recently traveled to Bolzano, Italy.

Further planning for the Europe-wide competition for students, which is the focus of this Erasmus+ funded project, was on the agenda. Participants are to deal with the problems of regional, European family businesses and submit solutions. For this purpose, the companies were interviewed and case studies were drafted, which were now presented. One participating company is the Bianchi family (sample name, real name is known to the consortium), a local family business in the Austrian Alps. Over generations, they have managed to stay true to their traditions. Equipped with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, the family built the company. Today, they are established as an industry leader. As their success grew, the organization of the company also became more complex. Today, the head of the family runs the business together with three of his children, which also presents challenges.

Although the competition will not start until next year, we are already looking forward to the students' creative proposals for this and other case studies. The concrete course of the competition has also been determined since the consortium meeting. By the way, the cultural program included a visit to Lake Karer with a view of the Dolomites. A big thank you goes to the Free University of Bolzano and the University of Vienna for the organization. Bolzano really impressed us with its mountainous scenery.

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