Ulysses Student Contest 2023

After the final is before the final

The very first Ulysses Student Contest is history. On May 23, 2023, the final of the digital contest on the topic of family businesses took place. At the online event, which lasted more than two hours, the 9 qualified teams presented their solutions to the challenge of Hollu Systemhygiene GmbH from Zirl in Tyrol live.

Among other things, it was about new ideas for sustainable development, impact management or the corporate culture in the traditional company. A jury, including Hollu CEO Simon Meinschad, awarded points for the best pitches.

The highest score received:

  • David Kalotai, Zénó Manó Kovács, Pauline Schrader and Klemens Ehrenhöfer(Team 21)
  • Till Herrmann, Eric Geßwein, Anita Borsato, Carlo Di Ciò(Team 7)
  • Maria Caliari, Marta Bosco, Youssef Gerges, Thi Thanh Mai Le(Team 13)

Continuation is a done deal

"The students presented creative and very different solutions," says Sandra Bier. "In fact, some of them will now be implemented at Hollu." The Univations project manager is responsible for quality management and sustainability within the EU project for the competition. For the award ceremony, she supported the project management of the University of Szeged on site in Hungary.

"An exciting day," says Sandra Bier. She says the international project team, which also includes universities from Italy and Austria as well as a marketing agency, is very satisfied with the way the finals and the two rounds of the competition went. A continuation is already a done deal. "The contest is to be held annually in this or a similar form in the future. All university partners have given their commitment to this."

Some case studies, which were researched on the occasion of the project in interviews with family businesses in Europe, are still unprocessed. In terms of content, there is potential here for further runs. Through special courses at the University of Bolzano and the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), which deal with family businesses, one can always count on new participants.

"Through the Ulysses project, the university in Szeged has also received so many inquiries that a Family Business Center will also be built there in the future," says Sandra Bier. "This is a wonderful side effect. This should secure the field of participants for the future of the competition."

Ulysses Contest remains present

A total of 93 students from 25 countries participated in the first Ulysses Student Contest. After the award ceremony, the project team will continue its work towards the completion of the project. This will be in mid-2023. Until then, the contest will continue to have a presence, especially in social media. In addition, feedback from the students is still pending. This will be incorporated into the preparations for next year's competition.

Time for an interim conclusion: "Ulysses is an exciting project," says Sandra Bier. "The students were able to develop new entrepreneurial skills that should also be of interest to future employers." All participants received a corresponding digital certificate confirming these skills.

The project manager also learned a lot herself about the topic of family businesses and took away new ideas. "Working on case studies is really interesting for competitions. Perhaps it will provide new approaches for other Univations projects such as the futurego student competition."

Contact persons

Sandra Bier

Mail: bier@univations.de

Phone: +49 345 13 14 27 06