EICAA: Data analysis shows first results 

The pilot phase is still ongoing. So far, 1,600 students and 200 employees from seven countries have already had their entrepreneurial skills assessed via the Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Competences Assessment Alliance (EICAA) project platform. At the partner meeting in Antwerp at the beginning of November, the EICAA partners from the University of Hohenheim gave an initial insight into the analysis of the data set resulting from the pilot phase. 

Difficulties in dealing with risks and uncertainties

"Not all tests have been included in the statistics yet," says project manager Florian Bratzke from Univations. But initial conclusions can be drawn. "For example, the results indicate a weak level of competence in dealing with uncertainties and risks." Target group-oriented thinking is also not very well developed among first-time users of the tool.  

The final analysis and interpretation of the data are among the remaining tasks before EICAA ends in December. The partner meeting was also one of the last opportunities for the time being to discuss all open to-dos in person. "The platform still needs to be fine-tuned," says Florian Bratzke. "Outputs such as the manual, the documentation and the continuation strategy for EICAA still need to be finalized." Regional release events are also planned in the partner countries in order to make the platform even better known.  

EntreComp Community among itself

The team used a supra-regional event immediately after its meeting in Antwerp to present EICAA to a specialist audience: the Being Entrepreneurial Conference 2023 in Brussels. As part of the organizing EntreComp community, a global network dedicated to teaching entrepreneurial skills, the EICAA team could not miss the event. 

Many projects at Univations are based on EntreComp, the European reference framework for entrepreneurial competence. EntreComp proposes a canon of competencies that enables people to think and act successfully as entrepreneurs. Univations is one of the first users of the framework and received the EntreComp Champion award in 2022. "The community meeting brings together a wide variety of people from education, science, business and politics," says Florian Bratzke. "We were able to successfully present EICAA there and also make many interesting contacts with other initiatives with similar projects that we might not have gotten to know without the event." 

And yet the foreseeable end of EICAA can no longer be denied, even for the project manager of EU projects at Univations. "I have fundamentally good feelings about the end of EICAA. We have achieved a great deal over the past three years and can be really satisfied with the results," says Bratzke. And yet there is already a little bit of farewell pain involved. "The partner meeting in Antwerp was definitely a real highlight once again thanks to our fantastic hosts at Antwerp Management School." 

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