About Univations

Univations GmbH is your partner in the fields of innovation management, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship. We support you in the development of sustainable business models and product innovations, as well as the acquisition of capital and the relaying of valuable cooperations. Furthermore, we support you through the processes of innovation in your company, and we will help you to stay competitive.

Because of our work with national and international partners from business and science, we have an extensive experience, as well as a broad network, in entrepreneurial areas.

As an associated institute of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, we are also able to utilize scientific findings in the field of entrepreneurship for your purposes. Our customers include start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, public institutions and scientific establishments.

Univations pursues a holistic approach of innovation and start-up suppor. Starting at school, on to university and beyond, we support sustainable entrepreneurship. The main motivation for the systematic promotion of growth-oriented, research-based start-ups is the creation of high-quality jobs and, thus, the medium to long-term development of a flourishing SME sector.

Univations GmbH develops targeted formats and offers these in three key business areas: innovation management, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship. To support this effort, we develop and implement various projects on behalf of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, the Federal Government, and the European Union. These include the Investforum Startup Service, futurego Sachsen-Anhalt or our Erasmus+ projects (EEE, SHIP, PIETE, ISGEE, ARDENT).

Due to exntensive cooperation with regional and international networks, chambers, innovation clusters, business associations as well as technology and start-up centres; students, scientists, founders, and companies are advised precisely and independently. They receive comprehensive support in the implementation of their business concepts.

Since its foundation in 2006, Univations GmbH has been based at the Weinberg Campus Technology Park. The proximity to the university, in particular to the natural science and technical faculties as well as to non-university research institutions and numerous innovative high-tech companies inspires the work of our dynamic, interdisciplinary team, and allows for an excellent integration into the existing research and development landscape.

If you have a promising start-up idea, would like to refocus your company, or are looking for funding or financing options, then please contact us!

We are looking forward to our cooperation.

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Startup Service & Business Development

Univations supports start-ups in the development of business models, the preparation of business plans, market analysis as well as in the development of effective marketing strategies. Many of the companies advised by Univations have successfully established themselves in the market and today pass on their know-how to potentially strong start-ups.

Recognizing potential

In the beginning is the idea. But whether it is the right idea at the right time is not easy to judge. We provide scientists, founders, and entrepreneurs with consultants and coaches who are experienced in the industry and who are able to assess the founding potential of the idea based on their own entrepreneurial experience.

Financing & Promotion

The development of innovative ideas and new types of processes into marketable products and services requires intensive support and the necessary capital. Within the scope of business plan optimisation, we develop the criteria important for the search for capital and prepare viable documents together. Subsequently, we establish contacts with capital or subsidy providers in order to put your project on a financially sustainable footing as quickly as possible. We will accompany you during the implementation and give you access to a supra-regional network of investors, partners, multipliers, customers and principals.

Accompany companies

Our market-supporting offers are diverse and individually tailored to your company's development. During the growth process we ensure that you and your employees are prepared for the competition. If required, we will provide you with an interim manager.

On the one hand, the worldwide innovation process, the number and speed of innovations, is growing exponentially. On the other hand, the speed of innovation of companies is limited and more and more companies find it difficult to keep up. In addition, innovative start-ups with disruptive business models are forcing traditional companies out of the market. We believe that small and medium-sized companies and start-ups are an excellent match. Univations helps you to remain competitive by quickly integrating innovations and optimizing internal processes.

Innovation scouting and management

Univations has an excellent network and contacts in the national start-up scene. Startups are also interested in cooperation with companies. In cooperation with you, we identify your needs and bring you into a mediated dialogue with startups. Startups are agile and can react quickly to market changes or think about business areas in a completely new way. You, on the other hand, have the resources and know-how to scale processes and raise them to an international level. Univations supports you in entering into cooperations with innovation leaders. In addition, we establish Open Innovation processes that enable you and your employees to recognise the potential of external innovations in the long term and to make use of it for your own company.

In-house acceleration and investment consulting

Accelerator programs from large companies such as Deutsche Bahn or Telekom give start-ups the opportunity to tailor their ideas and business models to the needs of the companies and develop them together. What works for corporations can also be transferred to SMEs. We will develop an accelerator program tailored to your company and support you during the implementation. In addition, we will provide you with the necessary know-how in terms of company participation.

Learning innovation methods

Through our expertise and support of start-ups, we can help you to use methods and tools to establish your own innovation culture. Use the potential of your employees and develop new business models in an agile way or optimize your processes, for example by using digital offerings. Terms such as Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas or Design Sprints will soon be part of everyday life in your company.

Univations is an internationally acknowledged and from the European Union awarded project promoter. In cooperation with local authorities, the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the federal government and the European Union as well as international partner networks, we have been able to realise numerous projects in the fields of business start-ups, innovation management and knowledge transfer in recent years. Both as initiator and idea developer for projects and as a strong, reliable project partner in various consortia - the projects by and with Univations are successful. You can rely on that.

Project development and realization

We are committed to holistic innovation and start-up support. In this field we are continually developing projects. Thus we have created and established well-known brands that contribute to a growing start-up culture in the region. In addition to implementing intrinsically motivated projects, we have also implemented formats in these areas on behalf of the state Saxony-Anhalt.

International project partners

As an associated institute for knowledge and technology transfer at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and as an established project partner, Univations has extensive experience in both content creation and project management of national and international projects. For example, EU projects dealing with knowledge transfer in the field of entrepreneurship have been realised in cooperation with international consortia.

Experienced supporter

You would like to carry out a project yourself and acquire public funds for it? We would be happy to help you with the preparation of application documents or idea papers as well as with the timely processing. If your project involves innovation management and business start-ups, we are the right people to contact and help you understand national and international application processes.


Since 2006, Univations has been growing at the Technologiepark Weinberg Campus in close proximity to the natural science campus of Martin Luther University and numerous technology-oriented companies located between the river Saale and Stadtwald Heide. A strong team develops and coordinates projects in the field of transfer support and start-up promotion. Every day new ideas are generated at the interfaces between science and business. If you would like to strengthen our team with your expertise, we look forward to receiving your speculative application at bewerbung@univations.de.